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EventLog Inspector 3.0

EventLog Inspector 3.0: Manage local and remote Windows events more effectively with EventLog Inspector events being registered. EventLog Inspector extends the capabilities of the Windows event log journal by giving system administrators the ability to do more with the events being registered. With EventLog Inspector, it becomes possible to store events from all Windows workstations on a single syslog server. The product will automatically notify the administrator about selected events by email, or send comprehensive reports on events happening on

MonitorWare Console 3.0: Analysis console for Windows & Network Events
MonitorWare Console 3.0

events. It offers live, interactive views and great reports. A number of helpful tools are included, even a network scanner. Reports can be scheduled for automatic generation. Included Reports cover Windows events, firewall reporting as well as generic network reporting. Great for security analysis. With MonitorWare Console, you can consolidate all of your Windows and network events into a single, easy to browse repository. Have complete information

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FastReport VCL 2.56

events on the generated report. One mouse click retrieves the detailed report. - Built-in possibility of search of the text in the generated report! - Unlimited number of pages in the report - WYSIWYG-preview with smooth rescaling and scrolling options. - Display multiple pages simultaneously! - Composite reports make combining reports easy! - Generate cross-tab-reports without knowing the number of columns beforehand. Cross-tab reports are automatically

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GFI EventsManager 2010: Network-wide event monitoring, event management and archiving.
GFI EventsManager 2010

EventsManager also tracks and reports SQL server activity such as alteration of DB tables and attempts to access data without necessary privileges. GFI EventsManager uses advanced event processing and filtering technologies to identify key events out-of-the-box. Advanced event processing rules allow you to filter out unwanted/trivial events and generate alerts on key issues. GFI EventsManager provides real-time alerting when critical events arise

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FastReport 5.1: Report generator with visual designer, dialog forms and 4 scripting languages
FastReport 5.1

Report VCL: - Advanced report designer - Data Grouping and Master-Detail reports - Caching of the big reports - Exports to popular formats (PDF, RTF, XLS, XML, HTML, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, TXT, CSV, Open Document Format) - Report inheritance - UNICODE support - Report encryption - Nested reports by using sub report object - Dot Matrix reports - Linear barcodes - Composite reports - SQL Builder - Dialogue forms - Interactive reports - Web-reporting

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W2kEventLogReport 1.2.0: Check your servers eventlogs daily with a intranet-report without duplicates
W2kEventLogReport 1.2.0

events · Choose Errors, Warnings, Information, AuditSuccess and/or AuditFailure · Choose silent run if you want to schedule W2kEventLogReport · Choose to create a report for each server, or one report with all servers · Choose unwanted events-id`s, not to be shown in html-report · The html-report only shows one of each equal events · The html-report only shows events since last run of W2kEventLogReport · The html-report link each found event

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Event Log Viewer 11.01.01: Monitor Windows event logs to troubleshoot system errors and web based issues
Event Log Viewer 11.01.01

events, security events and system events. Detailed information about these event logs can be obtained by the event log viewer, an application provided by Windows. Windows event log viewer contains detailed information such as event type, their source, the date and time of their occurrence along with the cause. With the help of Windows events log monitor tool, users can keep a tab on all the Windows based and W3C based events to know about errors

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